Stitched Mind

May 2023


My name is Jay, and I am the CEO/FOUNDER of Stitched Mind. I realize the majority of those reading this are close friends and family members, and I want to thank you for checking in. Everyone else, WELCOME and thank you for visiting my first blog.

Mental health has always been a significant interest of mine, but it took some time for me to completely embrace it, owing to certain ideas and viewpoints held by my loved ones. I battled with pleasing others even if it meant not completely accomplishing the purpose God had for my life. I’ve been able to change the narrative of my life through years of self-work, therapy, self-reflection and education. I’ve had my fair share of amazing and unpleasant life events, as have we all, but I refuse to let them rule my life. I’m excited to share my experiences as my major focus will be sharing how I got through it. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to encourage others to keep going through their journey and recognize their own power that lives within.

You will notice on the website that I am currently working on creating some guided meditation and breathing technique videos to share with you all. Both of these practices have been really helpful in relieving anxiety, while encouraging me to live in the now.  Merchandise will also be available very soon, and I will be offering a discount code for readers in the upcoming blog. I’m extremely excited for this process to begin and I’m looking forward to connecting with you all.

Lots of love,


Ceo + Founder

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